Roland Combes

Certified Osteopath graduated from Eurostéo in 2004, he practices in France in Hyères.

Founder and creator of  Wuo Tai ® in 2003, he trains teachers since 2007, he is co-founder of the European Federation of Wuo Tai in 2008.
His path began very young with yoga in his family environment and a philosophical and artistic education around movement. These numerous disciplines across multiple trips and meetings sprouted in him a deep curiosity, which led to various apprenticeships in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fascia therapy, chi gung and kinesiology.
His goal is to deepen and develop new therapeutic interventions through the alliance of osteopathy and dance: WUO TAI.


Nathalie Combes

Graduated in 2006 with a degree in Management. She worked in human resources for over 15 years in the medico-social sector, she used her skills in 2008 to organize, develop and promote WUO Tai. Founder with her husband Roland Combes of the European Federation of WUO Tai ®, initiated into WUO Tai in 2007, she is a teacher and assistant trainer.
Her objective is to share her experience and spread Wuo Tai to other continents – opening other training centers.