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If we were floating in a medium of the same fluidity that our bodies, like a fish in water, our thoughts would be a permanent choreography, our actions would return to the dance of the universe and the dance of the universe would resonate in us.

As if our gestures became visitors of the other, from the inside to the outside, as a acrobatic friend who courageously removes himself from constraints, as in another time where the space created generates its own strength. As if the moving flesh would deeply bow  to become a dance of the mind, a ripple, a wave, a kneading act  of lively  and intertwined gestures.  This would be the radical difference between a gesture which flows into the language of life to emerge filled with anew and one that is used  as an ordinary movement controlled by a goal. The gesture draws upon himself to create and dress up the living.


Receive, blend and love your gestures

Gestures become beautiful between two people. Pivots of the world where they look and talk silently, without ever seeking power. Core of the soul and of the dance, they never divide and bring « nothing » with them, they never stop, they are beyond body, emotions, thoughts and change.

The king of gestures

 He walks slowly

Through the rhythm

Through the other

Through himself

He embraces

The rhythm

The Other

its Self

He dances