Osteopathic danse in Bali

March 25 to April 09 2015

with Roland CombesWùo Taï à Bali




Samadi Bali is proud to welcome Roland Combes, osteopath and founder of Wùo Taï. Wùo Taïi is an inspiration that came from the meeting of Osteopathy, thai massage and danse. Not another technique or modality, Wùo Taï is poetry of therapeutic movement that embraces ancient and modern traditions. It creates a meeting space where healing happens.


Roland and Nathalie present a true revolution in contemporary osteopathic modalities and therapy. Possiblity of certification from european Wùo Taï federation upon completion of all 6 modules. Exams and evaluation after each module.


“You don’t do Wùo Taï with your strength. You do Wùo Taï with your weight; the weight of your body, the weight of your life, including your mistakes and all that you don’t know.. because what you don’t know, will always be bigger than what you do know..”


“3 are needed to do Wùo Taï: you, the other.. and the universe.”





First level :       March 25 to march 28  Module 1 – Myofascias
Second level : March 30 to April 02    Module 2 – Deep Fascias (Connective tissue)
Third level :     April 06 to April 09      Module 3 – Osteopathy





Each level costs 440€ / 500$. Opportunity to register for 1, 2 or 3 levels

Discount price for two or three levels.

-10% by paypal payment betwin janarury 10


  • 1 level   →  440€ – 500 $ – 640 $AU
  • 2 levels →  800 € – 1000 $ – 1160 $AU
  • 3 levels →  1200€ – 1500 $ – 1740 $AU


This price includes all classes, breakfast and lunch. Also includes study booklet, lithography, photos and videos. Note: Price does not include accommodation. (ask document for nearby options).

The retreat is open to anyone with experience in yoga, thai massage, zen thai or shiatsu.


For questions and reservations please email : nath.wuotai83@gmail.com



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